Head full of snakes

I'm turning men into stone

I grind them down until they're dust

I swear I take all the bones, and teeth, and flesh

No longer is a heart to mend or break

Because I have a head full of snakes

Each one of them a mistake I must take with me

So I'm taking you down with me unfortunately

Misery loves company and unfortunately

You came to seek my company

You're blinded

I'm one sided

I'm done fighting

So I find solace in my head full of snakes

Turn these men into statues then their hearts I will break

Cause men are laughable

But honestly I'm laughter at its best

Causing earthquakes from the sounds that leave my chest

Cause this thing beneath my breasts is untouchable

You'd have to kill the snakes just to be comfortable

And my hair is not going anywhere

So where does that leave you?