The people in our lives are seasons

Like flowers they bloom into our world

Growing into us

Shaping us

Changing us

Sometimes for the better

Making us beautiful

But just like the spring there's cloudy weather

Shades of gray 

Shades of people who rain down on us

Until the sun shines like the summer time

People bring good times

People bring fun times

People shed good vibes

People who warm us

People who burn us like sand on the beach

The people who became the sand at the beach

When they once were the waves that came to cool our feet

Nostalgic actually

People who fall out of our lives 

Like leaves on the trees when autumn is on the rise

People prepare us for the brutal days ahead

People are brisk 

People are quick

People are dull like the orange and brown

That scatter the ground in the fall

People are cold

Snowing down ruthlessness

This is why our children mold into heartless kids

People destroy everything around

People are hailstorms

Cracking the windshields of our lives

Thin hairline cracks that get worse with time

Oh yes, the people in our lives are seasons

And lives change like the weather

So go and grab your sweater

An umbrella


Maybe a winter hat

To prepare you for mankind