I know you aim to be so far away

I wonder what it is that makes you that way

I'm standing behind the velvet ropes begging you to stay

As the cameras and lights flash around you

Blinding your eyes to me

Their adoration isn't like that of me

Mine is at levels that even that spaceship can't reach


I just don't understand

Why are you so eager to blast off into the unknown

Don't you like the comforts of this home

I made for you inside of me

Aren't you afraid to be alone

In the dark void of space  that the future can be

Space man

Sometimes it all feels like a dream

But right now this really is just what it seems

I'm watching you buckle up in this decision

Those restraints look like an awful place to be

Don't you understand this love could set you free

Space man

Why wont you notice me

Space man 

My heart belongs to thee

Space man

Why are you blasting away into the unknown

Maybe that where you belong

Like the parts of your ship that chip off

As you blast away


Away from me

My space man

Please just stay for me

I can be just as interesting as the stars that you long for

I've got galaxies inside of me