Your eyes are the size of the moon

While we lay in the grass

Watch the sky fade back to hues of blues

From the streaks of pink and red

That have stretched across my eyes and through my head

That's laying on your chest

Enveloping me into your breast

And I'm thinking I just might love this feeling

Then I sneak a glance at you

My god you look so appealing

Can we stay this way forever

In the grass

Under this vast stretch of skies

I roll down next to you and then I stare you right in the eyes

Tell me why they are the size of the moon

Drawing me deeper into your gravity pull

My lips are dying to trace the ellipse of you

So badly I don't know what to do

So I just do it

And you smile

I'm hoping that this feeling will last more than just a little while

I'm locking this moment into the vault of my mind

Kept in a file 

That I'll remember as skies

Cause thats what your eyes remind me of

Laying in the grass 

Watching the sky fade into stars above

That for the moment don't seem to far away

With you lying next to me

Your kisses are like outer space

Taking me away

I'm weightless in your presence

Didn't notice that the day had passed

Until I look into the sky and see the moon at last

And I laugh

Because I know that I

Will always see it as your eyes